Lillibella is a range inspired by the beauty of natural fibres.  Designed with a view that their garments give back to the world.   Our range has a low impact on the environment and a high level of care to the wearer.

Lillibella founder and designer Karen has worked with Hemp fabrics since 1992 having a true belief that we need to make a committed effort to use more sustainable products in out day to day life.  Lillibella was created to show the true beauty of Hemp and other environmentally friendly fabrics such as Bamboo and organic cotton.

Our aim is to design garments which you will love and we hope you take pride in knowing that you have helped support sustainable ethical fashion.



  • Quality  Sustainable  Ethical  Classic  Luxury  Fashion


We aspire to design products that give back to the world.

Lasts longer than a lifetime.



The Lillibella range is inspired by beautiful natural fibres that have been used for centuries but are now rarely used or completely forgotten.

We wish to introduce or reunite our Lillibella customers to the unique and wonderful properties of these superior natural fibres which are sustainable and have a positive impact on our environment.  While showcasing these fibres in both classic and current styling we also intend to inform those new to these fibres the necessity to end the increasing buying trend of fast fashion.

We aim to produce clothes that will be so loved they will be passed on to others and shared.

Enjoy Lillibella!

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